The Forum, a registered society, came into existence in 2000. Members of the Forum, representing various walks of life, serve as volunteers, donating their time and efforts for the furtherance of its mission.

Its activities are managed by the management board and its members are as follows:
  • President: Mr. M.L. Metha, former Chief Secretary, Government of Rajasthan
  • Secretary: Dr. Devendra Kothari, Professor, Population Program Management.  
  • Treasurer: Mr. Inder Durlabji, Industrialist. 
  • Members: Mr. Dileep Shivpuri, I.R.S, Government of India
                       Mr. G.S. Shrimal, Businessman
                       Dr. Pushpa Durlabji, Professor, M.G. Medical College
                       Dr. Asha Shivpuri, Professor, Agriculture University
                       Dr. Sushila Kothari, Formal Joint Director College Education
                       Mrs. Nina Mehra, Social Worker
                       Dr. Singh, Industrialist
                       Mr. Khemka, Industrialist        
                       Mr. Ramesh Bhandari, Management Professional