Our Mission

The forum believes that in the changed situation most of the poor  do not want  more children, but that they have them mainly due to  non-availability and  inaccessibility of quality of Reproductive and Child Health (RCH) services on  account of their being poor. They have been trapped in a vicious circle. The poor need help to have
children by choice and not by chance.
This  calls for  strong advocacy  initiatives so as to inform, sensitize and
orient various stakeholders to help the poor to convert their latent need for RCH services into realizable use. And the Forum works toward that mission.
  • Providing platform for exchange of ideas on population and  development  and no demystify myths,
  • Developing, promoting and advocating innovative measures, and 
  • Assisting and collaborating with organizations to achieve the
    goals of  national and state specific population policies.