Population and Development: Challenges

A country of more than 1.2 billion persons, almost half of them in the reproductive age group should lead to an energetic and vibrant India taking long strides towards prosperity and development for all groups of people. But can numbers truly be our strength?
  • Where population is doubling in less than 35  years.
  • Where one in four children is result of unwanted pregnancies. 
  • Where one in every fifteen newborn is dying before celebrating his/her first birthday.
  • Where north-south demographic divide is widening day by day, and poverty and high malnutrition becoming endemic in high population growth states.
  • Where every third Indian is illiterate.
  • Where one in every four Indians lives below poverty line.
  • Where only 45 percent males and 15 percent females is gainfully employed.

A billion plus people, most of them engaged in a day-to-day struggle for bare survival, cannot be a source of pride. However, population can be over strength, if we can swiftly and efficiently address core issues related to population and development. As such, population issue should not be  allowed to become a “stumbling block” to socio-economic progress of India.  Towards faster and more “inclusive  growth”,the socio- economic road map of India especially during the 12th Five  Year Plan must give due importance to the issue of population with special
reference to women and child health as well as women empowerment.  


The Forum for Population Action works towards population stabilization by providing a platform for advocacy, development and promotion of alternative and innovative measures  under broader context of reproductive rights


The Forum invites responses from individuals and organizations, both public and private, interested in the issue of population and development, seeking collaboration on advocacy, technical and information support, ideation, project formulation & implementation. 

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